Franco Vianello

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Heroic-Size Bronzes

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Pony Express bronze sculpture

Pony Express

Vianello was one of the few recent sculptors experienced in enlarging statues to heroic dimensions and casting them in bronze. Vianello's commissioned monuments are large enough to fill a city square - which include the following:

The Pony Express monument is in Old Town Sacramento, California.

The Tuna Fishermen monument is on Shelter Island in San Diego, California.

The Four Horsemen monument is at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The Bucking Horse monument for the Calgary Stampede is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The Leif Erikkson bronze stands at Shilshole Bay Marina, Port of Seattle, Washington.
It was installed by the Leif Erikkson League in 1962.

The Narrow Escape bronze is in Napa, California.

four horsemen bronze

Four Horsemen

Tuna Fishermen bronze bronze sculpture

Tuna Fishermen

Bucking Horse bronze

Bucking Horse

  Leif Eriksson bronze sculpture

Leif Erikkson

  Narrow Escape bronze sculpture

Narrow Escape



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